A lifestyle guide for better living

When choosing where to live to begin a career, start a family, or settle down, it’s important to consider more than just the effects on your budget or the type of house you might live in. It’s also important to consider the effects on your health.

Living in densely packed cities, with all the noise and chaos that comes with it, can take a real drain on both your sanity and even your physical well-being. In fact, one of the chief health concerns of the 21st century is the impact that loud noise, especially the persistent cacophony experienced in large metro areas. In addition to the damaging sound, the air of metropolitan regions like Los Angeles is often chalked full of smog, crime may run rampant, and schools may not cultivate your children’s mind depending on which district you are in. Plus, research shows that people tend to suffer from additional stress because of living in large cities.

Of course, the natural alternative to living in an urban area may be to move to a rural area in the country. However, these communities present several other challenges, including those that may affect the health of yourself and family. In addition to having to drive long distances for work, social events, or even errands, emergency and health services such as hospitals, dentists, and healthcare professionals may not be as abundant.

What is the solution to this problem?

Relocating to safe, medium-sized community on the coast.

Health benefits of coastal living

Living on the coast, particularly in a sunny, tropical area like Naples Florida, offers many advantages that your body will thank you for. And this isn’t just because of the lack of hectic nature of bustling metropolises or the oppressive seclusion of small inland towns.

1. You’re bound to get more sun exposure

Lack of sunlight is one of the most significant contributors to stress and sickness to those living in the industrialized world. However, living on (or at least near) the beach presents you with the opportunity to get out into the sun every day.

Even if you don’t go to the beach itself, commuting from place to place on foot or by bike in the sun bathes your skin in health-boosting sunlight. This will not only reduce the amount of stress you might bottle up while indoors but also boosts the amount of vitamin D your skin can synthesize.

2. The sound of water is naturally relaxing

Have you ever wondered why so many soothing music tracks incorporate the sound of waves? Because they help reduce anxiety. In fact, the sound of surf has been shown to reduce the number of stress hormones in the brain and even boost feelings of happiness.

Of course, these effects aren’t likely to be felt if you simply visit a crowded tourist beach on a short vacation. However, if you live in a town that has only a modest tourism industry, you can get all these stress-reducing benefits daily.

3. Even the visual of an ocean vista can improve your health

Human beings are visual creatures – and while hearing of feeling something pleasant can be incredible, nothing beats a beautiful view. People might bring up anecdotes about experiencing a slight sensation of calm after looking at a picturesque outdoor vista like a mountain range or a forest.

However, science has shown that viewing a beach objectively and significantly improves people’s well-being. This makes sense of other research, which has shown that people living next to the coast report being healthier.

The positives extend beyond your own immediate well-being

Coastal communities, like those in Naples Florida, are small enough to be safe to live in yet large enough to provide plenty of options for your children. In fact, Naples has a crime rate that is significantly lower than the state of Florida and the national average.

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