How to prepare yourself for the stress involved with relocating

It’s holistic. Your physical fitness depends on your emotional and psychological fitness, right? It stands to reason, then, that a physical relocation to a new home – whether it’s across town or to a new country – is going to mess with your mind.

Not every psychological or emotional aspect involved with a relocation is negative, and that’s a good thing. But, it’s helpful to know what’s on your mental and emotional horizon when you move. The physical part of moving and settling in is work enough, so follow these suggestions to turn the emotional and psychological aspects into a subtle art. After all, you’re probably going to do this a few more times.

Admit it

This is not the time to keep a stiff emotional upper lip. The entire process of relocation is easier when you acknowledge up front that there are acceptable reasons to feel anxious or even experience grief at leaving places and people behind.

You’re likely to find yourself not all that amenable to the many changes in your routine during and after the relocation. We’re naturally resistant to change, especially when unpredictability is added to the mix. One way to ease into this is to remember that it’s a transition.

Mental housecleaning

A transition is a movement. You’re moving toward something better – maybe it’s a dream job. Or, you’re moving away from something negative. Either direction takes you to a better place. Instead of dwelling on what’s being disrupted, focus on what adventures are waiting for you.

We had ways to take things we value with us long before the digital photo app on your smartphones. Everything dear to you is stored in your human hard drive as a memory so they can move with you. Conversely, now is the time to purge that repository of memories with no value.

You’ll want that space for the new experience you’re about to have. Besides, you’re not really leaving people behind. On the contrary, you’re about to extend your network as you befriend new people and develop roots in your new community.

Pack for your new destination

We attach memories and emotion to our physical belongings. Relocating is an opportunity to shed some of the physical clutter in your life – as well as the emotional or psychological associations. This is the perfect time to decide what doesn’t need to follow you into the future.

This exercise also helps you prepare to populate your new space. It’s time to determine how much of what’s in your old life makes sense to bring with you to your new home.

Advance planning

The process of relocating will be easier when you plan as much of it as possible. It reduces the frustration that comes with second-guessing yourself. This helps you manage your state of mind. There are going to be unpleasant aspects of relocating that are simply outside of your control. It might be pouring rain the day the movers arrive. Closing on your house might not happen on the planned date because of a glitch in the title search. These aren’t your fault.

Details beyond your control – but which ultimately have little permanent impact – tend to be amplified when we’re under stress. And, some would argue that few things are as stressful as relocating. Ask any seasoned movers: most of what might be making you crazy at that moment is what you’ll laugh about later.

We know relocating can be stressful, that’s why we want to the home buying process as smooth as possible. Contact Dante DiSabato to get started.

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