Here’s why and what you can do about it

Selling a home seems pretty straightforward. People want a home, you’ve got one for sale, it should be easy, right? Well, it doesn’t always work out that way. If, for example, your place was the only one on the market for miles around, it might sell in a snap. But with a lot of folks in your area sporting a for sale sign on their lawns, you have quite a bit of competition to deal with.

And even if your residence seems perfect for some buyers, you may still find that you have a difficult time sealing the deal. These are some of the top reasons a home isn’t selling – and how you can address them:

The price is too high

You may have been told your home is worth a certain amount by an online guesstimation tool, or perhaps you saw what your neighbor sold his for and priced yours accordingly. But that doesn’t mean potential buyers agree. You basically have two options here: Stick to your guns and hope somebody makes you an offer, or lower your price. If you really want to sell within a certain timeframe, the choice may be obvious.

You’ve forgotten about curb appeal

It can be difficult to take an objective view of your own home, but for selling purposes, it’s vital. Go outside and really look at your home. Is it visually appealing? How does the lawn look? What about any bushes or flowers? Could it use a fresh coat of paint or better siding? Buyers will notice everything about your residence as soon as they see it, and you could be turning them off before they even get inside.

Your décor is too personal

When someone looks at your home, they don’t want to think about you. They don’t want to see pictures of your family or your dog. They do want to envision themselves living there. This is why you need to give potential buyers a blank canvass, by hiding away as much of your personal stuff as possible.

There’s stuff everywhere

When it comes to the home you’ll present to a buyer, think of how rooms look in a catalog. The furniture perfectly fits in the room and the accessories are tasteful and minimal. That’s how you need to attempt to show your place. Again, if every room is filled to the brim with items or even mildly cluttered, people will have a hard time picturing what it will look like when they move in.

Major fixes are needed

Pretty much any property has a problem or two, and most buyers know this. However, if there’s a major issue with your home – like it needs a new roof, for example – you’ll probably have a very difficult time selling without a significant discount. The solution here is to either make the repairs or lower your asking price. If you decide on the former, it’s also a good idea to take your home off the market until everything is complete, as a house being worked on doesn’t look good to buyers. Nor does a property that’s been listed for an extended period of time.

You’re using the wrong real estate agent

If you’ve addressed all of the above and still no luck, the problem could lie with your agent. Do you know exactly what they are doing to promote your property? It’s important to learn their process and strategy, and then keep in contact to see how things are progressing. It’s your agent’s job to sell your home, and you need to make sure they’re up to the task.

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