When it comes to hidden dangers in your room, puppy proofing is similar to baby proofing

They’re man’s best friend and your new home’s biggest threat: puppies. Their tendency to chew and lack of potty training can make them quite dangerous when it comes to your furniture and floors. And not only can puppies be harmful to your home, your home can also be harmful to your puppy. Before you bring a puppy into your new home, be sure to evaluate and puppy-proof each room almost as you would for a toddler.


Your garbage cans are one of the most common sources for making a puppy sick. Spoiled foods, harmful foods, and sharp lids await a puppy’s inquisitive mouth. With its tempting smells, the kitchen trash will be your puppy’s biggest source of interest. Be sure you have, or purchase, a lid that requires more than just a nudge of the nose to open. You may want to consider putting the can in a hard-to-access place when you’re not home. Before you leave the puppy alone, be sure to note all other wastebaskets around the house as well (or close the doors).

Lingering food

Food that’s healthy for you may not be so healthy for your pup. Plump grapes, for example, can be just as poisonous to a dog as chocolate. That means no more little bowls of M&Ms around the house and no fruit resting on the kitchen counter. Even if you don’t think they can reach it, they will often find a way.


Ideally, the garage is not a place your puppy will venture into. To be safe, be sure any chemicals are moved to high shelves or behind secure doors. The same goes for tools and sharp objects. A garage can hold some of the most dangerous items for puppies. After all, it is typically where all junk, unwanted and dirty or hazardous goods get stored.


All medicines must be stored high above your dog’s reach. These medications can be swallowed in an instant, so leaving them on the counter for even a moment is dangerous. Whether they’re your medications or the puppy’s, too many can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. This is not a risk you want to take.

Toilet Lids

Now it’s more important than ever to leave the toilet seat down. Puppies will view toilets as their secondary water bowl. Be sure to keep the lid down and make sure your pup always has fresh water in their bowl so he or she doesn’t go looking for alternative sources.


The more you carry in your purse, the greater the chances of your puppy finding something dangerous when they go snooping. Because the purpose of a purse is the utility of it, it is typically always around and easily accessible – to you and your new pup. Get in the habit of keeping the purse in an area away from your puppy’s reach. Makeup, loose change, and other small items can lead to chocking, digestive blockage, stomachaches or worse. Even your gum can be extremely hazardous to your dog.

As the puppy becomes acclimated to your new home, it will be a learning process. Your pup might be afraid of toilet lids but figures out how to open your garage door. While trial and error may work best, sometimes it can be too late. These helpful tips will come a long way to making sure your puppy – and your new home – are safe.

The backyard

If you want to let your puppy roam around or do his business in the backyard, first make sure that you check your fence for holes or signs of burrowing, which could make it easy for your puppy to escape. The last thing you want is for your new pal to get lost or injured while enjoying some quality time outdoors.

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