Homebuyers come prepared with questions, so be sure you’re ready with answers

When homebuyers are first introduced to your home, either online or through their Realtor, they will likely have additional questions that only you, the seller, can answer. Being knowledgeable and truthful with potential buyers can expedite your home’s sale. But you’ll also want to be sure not to give away too much information. Below are common questions you should be prepared to answer during the process of selling your home.

What are the average utility bills?

When looking at the price of your home, buyers will want to know what additional costs they can expect in beside the monthly mortgage payment. Utility bills are a recurring cost that prospects will want to consider before they make their decision. As the homeowner, you should have an idea of the average monthly and annual cost of your utility bills.

When you explain the numbers, be sure to outline your process for maintaining your bill. You’ll want to note that everyone prefers their home to be at different temperatures and specify if you generally raise your air temperature when the house is empty, in order to give potential buyers the most accurate estimate of what they can expect.

What is the neighborhood like?

This question is broad on purpose, to allow sellers to share the first thing that comes to mind. Because this question can spur a lot of different answers, you should have one prepared. Potential buyers could be curious about the schools, crime rate, neighbors, or basic, general facts. Your response should highlight what you enjoy most about the neighborhood, allowing the buyer to follow up with any specific questions. While you shouldn’t have anything to hide, there’s also no need to provide unnecessary information.

Why did you decide to sell?

This might be the most important question you are asked. Potential buyers will usually want to know the motivation of the seller. Based on your answer, you could inadvertently provide the buyer with additional information that can be useful to them when they write the offer. For example, if you say you are moving out of state for work, the buyer could assume you’ll want to move quickly rather than haggle during the closing process.

Is there anything else I should know about the house?

Much like in a job interview, when the other person asks you an open-ended question about “anything else,” the worst response is no response. This is your opportunity to share all the information you had wished you have known before you moved in, whether it’s when trash day is or the best corner coffee shop in the neighborhood. Think of what they would want to know, especially if it will help sell the home.

Selling a home is a process, and it begins with the Q&As with potential buyers. Just as you would prepare for interview questions, you’ll want to prepare for questions from prospective purchasers. If you happen to get a question that you don’t know the answer to, be honest and make sure to get back to the buyer with the right answer. It as important to be prepared and come off truthful and trustworthy.

There is no better person to prepare you for this questioning than your Realtor. And with years of experience in Southwest Florida, there isn’t a question that Dante Disabato hasn’t been asked before. He will not only prepare you for inquiries from buyers but also make sure he’s by your side to answer anything that you might not be sure of. He’s as invested in selling your home as you are. Fill out a contact form today to learn more!

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