Your stunted growth shouldn’t stunt your ability to live in your home

You reach for the stars. You aim high. The problem is, you can’t reach that high. The struggle is real for short people. Reaching kitchen cabinets, high pantry shelves and pretty much anything that isn’t ground level often requires amazing acrobatic feats. That’s why we’ve provided a list of house hacks to help the vertically challenged have a home fit exactly for a (slightly smaller) king and queen.

1.  Customized counter and cabinet heights

When you’re designing your bathroom or kitchen, build counters and cabinets specifically for your height. While this may make it more difficult to sell your home in the future, it’s better to be frustrated in the far away future than frustrated daily in a home that’s yours. It’s amazing how much more convenient daily activities will become.

2.  Sliding ladder

If you want to get really fancy, consider installing a sliding ladder. Yes, those ones you see in movies along beautiful libraries. Add one that will slide along your kitchen or just your pantry, so you can easily reach those hard to get items. Don’t have room? Keep a step stool under your kitchen sink for easy access to even the highest shelves.

3.  Built-in step stools

This addition is a little bit easier to develop and keep out of the way. Install a pullout step stool in a hidden drawer or cabinet directly above the floor in convenient areas around your kitchen or laundry room. This will make it easier and quicker to reach high places without having to locate the step stool you never wound up putting back under the sink. When you need it, just slide it out like you would a drawer and you’re ready to go!

4.  Individual dishwashers

They do exist! Drawer dishwashers come in single and double drawers. Purchase a few individual drawers and install them side by side, rather than on top of one another. This makes loading and unloading the dishwasher a lot easier to maneuver.

5.  Go European

European appliances are much smaller and shorter than US brands. While they may require a converter, they don’t require rebuilding or customizing your home! Simply purchase the items online and you have appliances fit for you.

6.  Other pro tips

The following are other ways you can maneuver around your home without having to build or purchase new appliances or infrastructure.

Stackable steps: Like the ones you see in aerobics classes. You can use just one or stack a few depending on your height and where you are trying to reach. These can help you reach any place you’ll need to within your home.

Handheld mirror: These are perfect to keep by the stove. By angling them just right you get a visual into the tall pot without having to use a step stool.

Under-counter microwave: Instead of building your microwave above your stove, have an under-counter microwave opening with a big drawer underneath. Bending down is better than trying to stretch yourself thin to reach your microwave.

While these miscellaneous house hacks can help you rebuild or restructure your home, if you’re looking for a home that you plan to stay in for years, you might want to start from scratch and build a home that fits you and that’s exactly what Dante Disabato can help you do. Whether you’re looking for a house that’s perfect for the shorter members of your family or finding a space to build a home designed precisely for your height, Dante Disabato can make it happen.

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