It takes commitment, not time, to get your home chores completed

Oftentimes we make to-do lists of household chores but never actually get around to doing them. The most common excuse we make is that we just don’t have time. What many fail to realize, often on purpose, is that many home projects can take under 10 minutes to accomplish. It’s all about making the effort and setting aside those 10 minutes to see how much you can really pull off. The list below consists of four home projects that can easily be completed in 10 minutes or less.

1.     Organize your kitchen pantry

Start with the obvious first and get rid of all expired items. Next, organize your shelves by role – snacks in one section, baking essentials in another, pasta and rice in another, etc. If you’re not sure how to start organizing, consider the aisles of your supermarket. This ten-minute task will actually save you more time in the future when you’re seeking the missing ingredient for your favorite recipe or are in need of a midnight snack in the dark.

2.     Sanitize your sanitation tools

It’s unfortunate how overlooked this household chore can be, when it’s really one of the most important. Dishtowels get dirty almost immediately while your tattered sponge could end up making dishes even dirtier than they started. Wet your sponge and plop it into your microwave for about one or two minutes. While it’s humming, stick your kitchen towels in the hamper and grab a fresh set. In all of three minutes or less, you have cleaned your kitchen essentials! Be careful removing the sponge, though!

3.     Out with the old

It’s amazing how much stuff collect that you don’t actually need. From delivery to house parties, you can collect an exorbitant amount of plastic silverware, chopsticks, paper napkins and even little packages of salt and pepper. These items may be stashed out of sight, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessary. Go through your drawers and pull out all those unwanted items and toss them away. This also goes for scraps of paper, old receipts, business cards and take-out menus stuffed into your kitchen drawers. Anything that you haven’t looked at or noticed in the last two to three months is something you won’t miss (or can replace) later.

4.     Organize your closet

Set your timer and give yourself ten full minutes to organize your closet. Organize by color, function, or type of clothing. Those 10 minutes will save you a lot of time in the future when you’re running late and need to find something quickly.

Our challenge to you is to devote just 10 minutes a day to just one household chore. Then, look back in four weeks and see how much have you accomplished! After a while, you’ll start to notice it’s not about the time it takes to get these household chores complete, it’s about the commitment.

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